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DNA 200 Reuleaux. Escribe Display Fields

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So, I got a DNA 200 Reuleaux & when I got it there was no third field displayed, it was just ohms, voltage & then wattage as the main display. 
I've now to the third field coming up now that I've reset it back to factory & I want to have just the two fields back! I've tried everything I can think of

Any suggestions?!

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When I turn the temp off it just displays as ---F so its still there but inactive. When I turn it to 600F for example, it goes to the same thing. 
But before I reset it there was literally no 3rd field & I'm at a loss as to how it was like that & I want it back :( 

Cant quite get my head around EScribe to get it to work 

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I know what happened. Your "third field" was the profile name. Change it back to that and make sure your profile your using doesnt have a profile display name. THe box next to the profile name on the profile page. make sure that is blank and it will go away again as long as the third one is set to profile name.

get it?

so for example on the display page it should be

1. Ohms (or whatever)
2. Voltage (or whatever)
3. Profile Name

Then as stated above on the Profiles page where your 8 profiles are......You have the Actual Profile Name and next to it a box where you can name it for the above display. Just make sure that box is empty for all your profiles and you should be good.

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