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Larger Reference Case 1300mah

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Russ ModCrate said:

Well we finally finished Mod Crate made a reference case that fits a 1300 mah battery. We also have on that fits a 2000 mah Maxamp they are being anodized at the moment. What do yall think? Should we keep going up or make a passthrough version now?

can you put the 1300 next to the 900 for comparison? thanks. 
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I think it would be to bulky for pocket use but it would be great for house use. I run a 30mm RBA and a RTA so a side mounted tank wouldn't work for me.


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Built like that it would be too bulky even for me.  The "classic" configuration with the chip on one side, tank on the other side and battery in the middle makes it fairly slim by comparison to that.  Height, battery capacity for a LiPO, isn't too bad, and it will fit in a t-shirt pocket.  Dry weight, without a tank, isn't bad, but tanks do add significant weight overall.  I built a low tank DNA40, similar to a VTR, and it's a nice, handy size and goes everywhere I do.

My point is to get a tank that doesn't stick out the top waiting to be snapped off if dropped.

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DRTMI said:

Those look really nice. I wish I would seen this before last Friday, when I ordered my 1590G+.

sell your 1590g+ and order one or be like most of us and have 2 or 3 dna200 mods
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