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Good TFR/CSV file for the Crown SS Coils

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OK so I think I have made a really nice TFR/CSV file for the Crown SS Coils, everything else I have used or made has been to week or just hasn't really worked the way I felt it should on my DNA200 and I know its been an issue for many people. 

Try this in Steam Engine to create the csv file and let me what you think.

24 gauge - SS 304 - parallel - 8 wraps and a inner coil dimension of 6 mm, I left the wrap spacing at 0.5 and the leg length at 5mm.

I'm running this at around 260 degrees C with 60 watts 



Edit: I forgot to mention that this was based on a 0.5 ohm crown coil that I dismantled and it would be reasonable to assume that the 0.25 ohm coil would be less wraps.    

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I'm using the Uwell Crown Subohm tank with the .5ohm SS 316 w/Optional TC or Wattage mode compatibility. I heard pops from the tank like dry hits, then I must've burned the coil a little bit as well because of the taste and smell produced. The mod is fine, though. I need help with this since I know how to use the software except these Crown stainless steel coils with the nickel legs are a puzzle I don't enjoy tonight. Anybody know how to set up a .5ohm SS 316 Wattage Mode vaping (Kanthal style)? I appreciate your help.

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