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Nifethal 70?


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Well Zivipf has Nife 30 which is 70% nickel. The listed TCR is 520. Note Zivipf calls their Nife52 48.
Here is Kanthal's data sheet for Nife70, note the composition. 
Steamengine lists Nifethal70 (alloy 120) TCR @525
I assume that Zivipf's Nife30 is Nifethal 120, I have it, perhaps I'll give it a try tonight and report back.
I'm a big fan of Dicodes nife 30 btw which is 30% nickel (I think)
Interesting that you posted about it as it was already on my mind.

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So I went ahead and made a couple of Zivipf Nife 30 coils, keep in mind that they are 70% nickel so that yields a fairly low resistance.
Also the TCR is high so  temp accuracy is easy for the board.
My coils are 8.5 wraps, 2 mm id, 26 gauge wire, x2, that come out to 0.6? which is a bit lower than I prefer but still doable.
I really see no real advantage using it over Nife48/52 but it is working well.

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2 hours ago, Chef Ginger Pants said:

Im on a 75C, didn't think I could use the one on the site... but seems to be working thanks!

If because it says DNA200, well at the time the 200 was the only board to use EScribe.......then he others came along. Even though it says DNA200 it is for all the Escribe capable boards with the exception of the Go board.

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