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SS 430 Probably will putting all my other wire in the "box"


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Not to long ago a friend sent me a sample of 28 gauge SS 430. It has a decent resistance change when heated compared to 316/317. Easy to wrap  also.
Here's a live view of my Serpent firing a coil made of 4 strands of SS 430, I'm still experimenting with it but I think this is the wire I'll be using from now on.

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black lace said:

Dwcraig2:- what do you mean 4 strands? 4 twisted or four loops of a coil and what size mandrel, because im having doubts that the 430 that ive got is what i paid four, a device monitor screen shot would just show caos compared to yours.

I put two lengths of 28 gauge SS 430 in my drill and twisted them pretty tight, repeated using another two pieces resulting in two lengths of twisted pairs.
Then I put the two pieces of twisted pairs into drill and twisted them in the opposite direction that they were previously twisted. Wrapped about 7 times, 3 mm id.
his is the end piece that I didn't use.
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