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Here's my story I have a dna133 boxer which have issue with the firing button So I opened a ticket and was told to send the board back for them to fix it Sent my board to them like 3 weeks ago They told me that they can't track the package that I've sent and marked the ticket as RESOLVED? Really? Is this kind of a service that you guys get or just me Thanks BJ

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if you're located in the states, even usps first class has a tracking. i've noticed evolv does not notify you when they send your replacement out to you. it just shows up in your mailbox .this has been the case with all my returns. however, i have received all of my warranty replacements in a timely fashion from evolv. i know they can't track it, but ask if they can tell you they sent it. maybe it's just taking the slow boat to you. usps isn't always on the ball. it might even show up in your mailbox tomorrow for all you know.

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VapingBad said:

I think you need to contact the shipping service, I sometimes ship things untracked and insured, but know that is at my risk.

E: I don't mean to come over as unsympathetic and I do feel sympathy for you, but if they didn't receive it...

I do understand bro Been modding for a while and this is my 1st board that I've back I'm just not happy that the ticket being closed and reopened twice
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