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Temp Protect message


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Hi all, I'm new to DNA200 and Temp Control and would appreciate some help. Just to experiment, I wrapped a variety of coils to try with the DNA200. SS316L 12 wrap duals and 10 wrap singles and Titanium 10 and 12 wrap duals. 4 different builds in 4 separate attys, in total.

My problem is, 2 of them are working fine but the other 2 (including an SS single coil) show the Temp Protect message within a second or two of me hitting the button. I cant figure out why they are doing this or how to fix them. I presume its not my eScribe settings as the other attys work fine. Connections seems secure.

I feel like I'm missing something but don't know what. I also realize i dont how this Temp Control works either. Thanks in advance to all who reply

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if you're hitting the temp message too fast you could - back off the wattage and/or turn up the temperature. this is assuming you're using the correct TCR/wire CSV for the wire you're running. you might also want to adjust your preheat down a little bit. also worth mentioning, the temp protect message is nothing to be worried or afraid of, all that is doing/saying is that the board has to throttle back wattage to keep you from going over your set temp.  

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Thanks for the reply Chunky.

So, something new. I hooked my DNA200 up to Device Monitor and noticed something really strange. At a set temp of 420, the Temp line actually starts way above that, like 490+ then zig zags up and down, really wide gyrations. Seems regardless of set temp, this build is firing way above what its supposed to. No wonder the temp protect message comes on immediately

Does that suggest the TCR or the wire is not what it should be? Or could it be build related?

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