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Vt200 chip

John la

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I would expect all commercial electronics to use lead free solder these days, so I'm pretty sure it will have silver in it.  You need a reasonably powerful iron >50 W with a tip that gives a good amount of contact area, preferably temperature controlled and ESD protected. Tin your tip, apply a little flux to the join first if you have any and use a higher temp than you would for soldering, the main thing it to be quick you can damage the components on any board having the heat on too long.

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John la said:

Hello I am wondering if anyone knows how to get the dna 200 chip out of the vt200? My solder gun doesn't seem to melt the solder at all does it have silver in it?

i understand completely john. the vt200 has a solid piece of copper 14awg soldered from the board's ground to the 510's ground. after trying to use my weller 140w soldering gun and still not getting the solder to liquify, i just snipped the copper wire in half to finish removing the board. the positive output can be a pain too but doable with a high heat soldering gun/pencil. like VB said, try to be quick with desoldering wires. heat will kill board components. 
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