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good remote switch

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Can someone recommend a quality switch to use in an alpinetech 1590b box with a mamu face plate probably? I'd like a decent sized ss clicky button that will last. I'd use the onboard button with an extender but I'm worried that it will wear out the onboard button rendering the board useless? I figure if I use a remote switch if it wears out I can just replace the switch. I hear the mitec 16mm switches are nice but I heard a lot of people saying they don't last? I see fdv makes a switch now but I can't find any reviews on it. Just want a nice switch that will last a long time.

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retird said:

I thought mamu's face plates were set up to use the on-board switches?  DNA's have a one year warranty.... and very good on-board switches... I've never had one go out...

Mamu has 2 options. One that uses all 3 on board buttons and one that has a remote button hole above the board. I think it's a 12mm hole but if I needed to I could always drill it out larger. I'm actually still waiting on my replacement board from evolv. The fire button was dead before I fired it up the first time.
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