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Can somebody tell me what is this? :) Bug maybe?


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I just noticed something kinda weird with my device... When the screen goes down, and pressing fire in temp control, the actual temp goes weird for a second.
And another:
Is that normal, to get temp protected warning even if I don't press the fire anymore?

I just made a video for it. Its not a big deal, neither of them, the device and the temp protection works just fine...

(I'm using 316L wire, with my own (TFR) wire profile. Also tried with the DNA75's default SS316 profile and the stream engine's 316L profle if it means anyting.)


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The first time it showed a negative temperature and it never did that again in the video. I don't know what that is about. But the temperature counting up to 200ºC is perfectly normal. As it is reading the actual temperature of the coil(s). The temperature protect and the three flashes are perfectly normal too. And you can turn that off if you like in EScribe under the Theme (tab).

  • Temperature Protect -> Don't Show

And the error messages can be changed in the Screen (tab)

  • Error Flashes
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Thanks for the informations guys!

I think I figured the negative temp thing out.
I lock the ohms at 0.54 ohm. But the coil is 0.50ohm (native temp) when its cold. The difference is too high and the device thinks the coil is in a negative temp range when I start firing.
I should knew it...

Never mind, it was my stupidity. :)
The negative temp showing is kina weird tho. 33554°C is kinda high for the negative temp for me. :)

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There are two ways to use temperature control:

  1. Power Dominant - Use just like power (wattage) mode and set the temperature as high as you ever want to go and you regulate it by wattage. Here the preheat (punch) is really helpful.
  2. Temperature Dominant - This is just the reverse of Power Dominant. A good place to start with the wattage is about 50% higher than you normally would use wattage for what you are vaping. Now regulate the temperature for the vape you want. Preheat (punch) is pretty useless here since your wattage is doing what preheat would do anyway.
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Thanks for the clearing out! :)

I use the temperature dominant settings from the beggining.

In the past, I usually vape at 17.7W with kanthal AWG26 (7 wraps = ~0.9 ohm).

Using the same build, but with SS316L wire, for temp mode.
Its kinda hard for me to set it up correctly. As I said, I tried 3 different profiles. One is mine (created it with a temp sensing multimeter).
But the temperature is chages a lot even if I set it up for 200°C.
Sometimes I just take the atty off for refill and when I put it back, sometimes overheating sometimes underheating.
If I do not lock the ohms, the result even worse. Overheat all the time. Thats why I playing with manually setted up locked ohms. (Thats what caused the negative temp.)

I think the SS316L is not the best for this temp control thing... Not really consistent for me.
I just ordered a pack of titanium wire, I hope that will be better :) Maybe witout locking ohms too. That would be soooo much easier and convinient :)

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