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Custom material TCR shows 0.006 on edit


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3alouka on ECF spotted this https://www.e-cigarette-forum.com/forum/threads/dna-200-watt.680148/page-264#post-17571590

It is a usability bug and does not affect functionality.

After creating a custom material using a TCR when you go to edit it the default value of 0.006 appears in the input box causing confusion both in if it had been altered and what the original value was. I guess that's because EScribe converts it into a simple curve for the device and does not save the single value.

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As far as I know it has always shown the value for Ni200 till you enter something else in the box, note that it is highlighted.
Edit: I see it now....DUH
It appears one is the TCR and the other the curve for Ni200, but nothing changes till you make it happen.

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Yes i found out this today while setting my DNA75.

The DNA75 is really performing poorly with SS wire.

Almost all TC settings i have to go way higher on temperature for unknown reasons.

While trying to set the TCR for SS304 i found out that the value was on 0.006.

The problem is that i changed that to 0.00105 because of SS304 and now this new setting is showing for all materials.

Now i dont know if all other TC materials are performing with the TCR of SS304 (0.00105).

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VapingBad said:

True, but it would be a nicer user experience to bring the current value up.  It maybe a very small issue within the big scheme of things, but Evolv want this product to be as user friendly as practicable.

Bug does not just mean an error.

I think they should just do some renaming.

The menu item should read "Create TFR graph from TCR value"
The dialog box should be titled "Enter new TCR value"

Evolv then should change the default value of 0.006 to 0.000 or just leave it blank.
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