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  1. JohnnyBigodes

    Therion 166W doesnt work on windows 10 anymore?

    Yes I already tried different cables and different ports. Nothing helps... Seems that my DNA is broken. I still can charge it through USB and vape on it, but i cant change any settings on escribe.
  2. Hello guys, today I tried to connect my Lost Vape Therion 166W to 2 different PCs with Windows 10 and the result seems to be the same. At first it gets recognized, but when you try to upload any settings through escribe the device stops working. It seems that it deletes the USB driver, so that the device stops beeing recognized. Even tried to install the drivers again but it wont work. (Error = Unknown USB device) Is there anyone with the same problem or is my DNA250 not good anymore? Thanks in advance for your responses.
  3. JohnnyBigodes

    Option Request

    +1 for this.I also use only Celsius
  4. JohnnyBigodes

    Tc coil builds

    Spaced coils are always better for TC.
  5. JohnnyBigodes

    weak vape and aggressive temp protect issue

    Same problem here ;o(It seems the Evolve chip isnt reading right.The same issue i know from Joyetech chips.It reads everytime to low, for some reason.If you adjust you ohm readings higher it vapes like a dream.The problem on all this is, that i am comparing a highend chip to a dirty cheap chip and both seem to have the same issues.
  6. JohnnyBigodes

    Hcigar VT75 .ecig file

    I have droped Nickel a long time ago.I was used to Titanium, till the day i tried SS.SS is for me a least an allround wire.
  7. JohnnyBigodes

    Hcigar VT75 .ecig file

    Yes, there are just too many variables, to take care of.It doesnt annoy me, when other say it works for them.Most of the time i just to compare both settings to try to find the variable that isnt the same.After all that it come to the way everybody vapes. I like it when it is warm, others like cold vape.There are just to many things to take care of.Thank you for your help ;oD
  8. JohnnyBigodes

    Hcigar VT75 .ecig file

    The problem is, that if i raise my temp, that the coil will burn the cotton if firing dry.If this is the case, why the hell do i need TC. I also could vape on normal Power mode.That is the reason why this is irritating the hell out of me.
  9. JohnnyBigodes

    Custom material TCR shows 0.006 on edit

    Yes i found out this today while setting my DNA75.The DNA75 is really performing poorly with SS wire.Almost all TC settings i have to go way higher on temperature for unknown reasons.While trying to set the TCR for SS304 i found out that the value was on 0.006.The problem is that i changed that to 0.00105 because of SS304 and now this new setting is showing for all materials.Now i dont know if all other TC materials are performing with the TCR of SS304 (0.00105).
  10. JohnnyBigodes

    Hcigar VT75 .ecig file

    Maybe other people could try to change the TCR.I just want to be sure that this isnt only my problem.ThanksEDIT:This seems to be a bug for a long time now... I dont know why this havent been adressed yet:/topic/66716-topic/?do=findComment&comment=899968
  11. JohnnyBigodes

    Hcigar VT75 .ecig file

    If there is already a material the TCR can still be changed.Go to the material tab and click on "Actions" button. There you can change the TCR value.For some reason the default TCR was 0.006 for every material. If you still change it to let it say 0.0092 this setting will be on every material on the device.This is strange and seems to be a bug on escribe and on the firmware.
  12. JohnnyBigodes

    Hcigar VT75 .ecig file

    I found another problem in escribe.I cant set the TCR for the wires.For some reason the TCR was on 0.006 on default for all wires.The right TCR for the wires should be:Ni200: 0.00620 Ti01: 0.00350 SS316L: 0.00092 SS316: 0.000915 SS317L: 0.00088 SS317: 0.000875 SS304: 0.00105 SS304: 0.00105 SS430: 0.00138 SS410: 0.00155 NiFe30: 0.00320 Tungsten: 0.00450 Platinum: 0.00392 Nichrome: 0.00040 Gold: 0.00340 Iron: 0.00500If i set the right TCR for example on SS304 (0.00105), this setting will be for all other wires too.Is this a problem on escribe and could this be the reason why the device isnt performing on SS like it should?
  13. JohnnyBigodes

    Hcigar VT75 .ecig file

    Well here are the things i tried:Steam Crave Supreme Lite with SS304 @ 0.20 Ohm- No satisfying results- Weak vapor- Have to go way to high in temperature (250C and higher)SvoeMesto Kayfun v5 with SS316L @ 0.51 Ohm- Really satisfying results- Good vapor production- Temperature at the most common setting (215C-220C)There are some things that could be the problem:- The wire i am using might not be SS304. But the result ist the same in SS316/L mode. So i dont know what type of SS wire i am using right now.- The DNA75 chip dont work good with SS304.- There could be a problem with checking the right resistance (ohms) with SS304.- TC might not work right with low resistance and SS wire.- There might be a bug with the TCR setting for the materials. (Look at my post below)
  14. JohnnyBigodes

    Hcigar VT75 .ecig file

    Really? There is nothing we can do??I even tried to set the mod resistance to 0.006, but it still dont work.I will try other mods and wire tonight.
  15. JohnnyBigodes

    Hcigar VT75 .ecig file

    I got my Hcigar VT75 Nano today and i am having the same problem, but the problem for me is with SS304.The Vapor is very weak and i have to go up to 250C and it is still a weak unsatisfying vape.I have uploaded the SS304 material from Steam Engine and also tried putting the right TCR in. Nothing seems to change.How do i find out the correct mod resistance? Is there a way i could do it for myself?Thanks in advance