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Reposition the usb connector of the DNA75

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I want to upgrade my Esquare (made by Lost Vape and actually running the DNA30) to the DNA75.
I already measured the spacing inside the mod's case: The general dimensions of the DNA75 are small enough to fit into the case (it will be tight, but should work). The real bummer is that the usb-connector is positioned a few millimeters to low. So I have to drill the case or reposition the connector.. :/
Is there any chance to reposition the usb-connector on the chip at all?

What do you recommend to do?

Thanks in advance 


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Dont wish to sound rude but I would recomend building a compleatly new seperate mod for risk of ending up with a pile of crap and no working mod atall.. modmaker uk have some nice boxes at the moment called fat boy, you should be able to fit a 26650 and a dna 75 in one, no problem, uk to germany postage shouldnt take moor than a week.. and us being out the EU should have no bearing on the matter, lmao....

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After comment about modifying the Esquare I took the time to visit a Esquare and a DNA75 device.  The Esquare uses the DNA onboard switches and a separate USB board.The DNA75  device uses the onboard switches and the USB is fixed to the board.  Sometimes a picture is worth a thousand words....


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