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escribe wont open

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One can really get into trouble if not getting this right
The first thing to do is backup the registry by going to "File", export (to desktop perhaps, your choice).
Have a look:
There is a space between the 2nd " and 2nd %
"%1" %*

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so i made another admin user in my laptop and when i download the escribe it wont load saying error and it closes it self. this is so weird. and i try that program it was a no go. 

but i start my windows in in safe mode and got an system error message, when i tried to open escribe. something saying parameters wernt right. 
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With Safe Mode not doing it for you  I don't have much faith in this working either but perhaps it will. The good thing here is you can bring the programs back on one at a time to see which if any are conflicting with EScribe.
I'm out of ideas.

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no go again, i disable all non Microsoft start up programs didn't work, tried again by disabling Microsoft programs nothing. Thanks for all your help tho maybe someone else will have a solution. im wondering if i can run a emulated windows on my laptop to test it there. would that work?

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I've been using it for quite a few years, it does a good job. I only run it on when I feel I might have "done" something.....LOL
Another good utility is CCleaner, been using that for a number of years as well.
I don't think it will help with your current problem but it's another great free program.

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