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DNA 200 with SS430 wire question

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Hi All,

I am new to DNA 200 with SS430 wire.

My current situation is my coil build as say 0.88 ohm, and if I fire it in DNA 200 watt mode LCD show during fire is start from 1.1ohm, but the Atomizer is showing lower than 1.1ohm feel strange.

I use SS430 mainly want to make the TC work, because I am a bit afraid the side effect of NI200.

So most my try and error is in tc mode.

In tc mode.

If I lock the coil ohm by software to 0.88, the mod will just fire in a very weak power. But if I add up some small margin... say a 0.5 ohm coil lock as 0.58 and a 0.88 coil lock as 1.1 it will fire up normally.

Anyone have same experience? I do want to hear what you think and how you resolve.

Many thanks.

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I would not lock resistance unless I had a connection issue as you are disabling the DNAs ability to more accurately measure the resistance as the coil cools.  I think locking at 1.1 ohm it will never reach temp so effectively be in power mode.  You may need to raise the temp if the wire is not a great match with it's profile/TFR/curve.

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Thanks for dwcraig1

My coil in the tank is SS430 28g 2.5 12warps
ohm meter = 0.89
mod 1 = 0.88
mod 2 = 0.9
mod 3 DNA 200 with Amotizer Analyzer  = 0.961 (jumping up and down in very small margin)
mod 3 DNA watt fire = 1.11 ...strange? 

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received CW ss430 today and wondering why it rides the TEMP SET line perfectly but with anemic vape with TCR 138 ? then use dwcraig recommended 238 which falls short of TEMP SET but gives responsive vape allbeit lacks density and moisture? then play around down the TCR scale to say 200-210 it gets closer to TEMPSET but with about the same Lackluster vape? I guess my main question is why the anemic vape at the wires standard TCR value but shows as its reading the wire correctly to be able to ride the TEMPSET line?

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