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Going to build a dna 75 mod 1) will installing 18650 battery backwards fry the board? 2) will be using a remote switch for the fire button, wish to use small gauge wires for fire button. What is the amp. rating for the remote fire switch? 3) thinking about trying to cut a cell phone screen cover (glass) to make a dna screen cover. Are there any pre made screen covers? Are there any screen cover holders? 4) would like to use a remote USB port. Not the port on the evolv board. A USB extension. I believe it's a micro B USB port. Any sources for making this cable? Thank you!

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1) no
2) very low, 28 AWG should be fine, I have often used single core coil hook up wire like you use on bread boards.
3) I have not seen one, I did once stick some phone screen protector on and trim it in place then mounted the screen as normal, but I don't bother normally.
4) I have not seen any. It is just standard USB wiring, if you are making a short fly lead it would t1 to t1 etc. I have not done it but for any length the USB spec has requirements for shielding and IDK how critical that would be here, I would still try it up to an inch or two without shielding.

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