Screen going crazy

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Thanks for the advice. I tried to soft/hard reboot via Escribe... But after triggering the action from the menubar a dialog appears and tells "reboot command issued." 
Do you have any idea whats going wrong? 
After reading this thread, I guess I have to send it back, isn't it? :/ 

Thanks in advance.

Edit: It would be nice to know who is responsible for these issues. Is it Evolv (software related) or the specific manufacturer of the box mod (e.g. when they nest the chip in bad position)?
The most of the time I was very happy with my DNA mods, but since a few days I'm losing the trust in these chips. 

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The "reboot command issued" means the reboot occurred....

Without knowing what is causing your issue is it's hard to say what is at fault.... could be a loose connection of the ribbon cable, a ribbon cable damaged by the fire button presses (ribbon improperly positioned), a damaged display, and etc. etc.

Most issues are not chip related I think....

Might contact the vendor where you got it.....

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I found and fixed the issue. It was manufacturer related.

Here is how I fixed my "New Beast":

First things first: I highly recommend using electrically non-conducting tools and parts. ;)

1. removed the aluminium "divider" inside the case (4x Torx)
2. rolled a tiny stripe of tape (width ~ 4-5 mm) with 2 wraps (isolated / fabric tape) and let a space (~ 1mm) in the center of the tape-role. 
3. put the tape role in the "U-form" in which the display ribbon goes
4. get a toothstick and carved a smaller stick which fits into the free space in the tiny tape role and placed it there. 
5. profit. 

If something is unclear, check the final result ( or feel free to ask. 

Maybe it helps others in the future. 

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