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Weird cell voltages, board not working


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Finally got my dna200 board in yesterday. Soldered a brand new lipo pack (turnigy 3S 1500mah) on it. Loaded up escribe and connected... everything was ok! cell voltages all the same 3.84v

today i grabbed my little project. my screen wouldn't light up any more (just for a few tenths of a second. Loaded up escribe again. The voltages are either zero or are dancing around. The screen doens't sy imbalanced battery or whatsoever.

Since standard practice is to send some data here it is (including video)...


IMG_3760.jpg  IMG_3761.jpg 

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crazysazib said:

my new vtbox200 mod is not working. mod's lipo battery reading cell 1 # 2.96v, cell 2 # 1.51v, cell 3 # 0.0v . Is there any way to make it alive ??

you can try "USB recovery charge" from escribe but most likely it will not work because cell #3 is 0 volts. i would double check the lipo pack with DMM (digital multi meter) just to make sure the lipo is bad and not the board. be sure to check each of the three cells individually, one at time. if you do not know how or can not check the lipo pack, i would contact the vendor you purchased the mod from. last resort, open a help ticket with evolv.
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