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316 settings problems


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I've been having problems with my VT133, in ss tc mode. I think it might be self=induced. I was on escribe, in the materials tab, on ss 316, and I clicked on actions, then temperature coefficient at..., I pressed ok. it was set on .006. Since then, my VT133 jumps out of Temperature control, into wattage mode. The ohms reading is very unstable, and rises with each press of the fire button. It is way too hot. I tried ripping and reinstalling the service pack. This did not change anything. Should I download the 316L profile from steam-engine, and set it to those numbers?
Any informed opinions are welcome. Thanks in Advance.

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If you set the 316 profile to 0.006 (Ni200) then dereference it (choose anther material in you profiles) then delete it from the mod, then take it from the list on the left and put it on the mod and select it in the profiles you want.  If you have changed the one in the left hand list, delete it, close EScribe, disconnect all mods, open EScribe, chose edit default DNA 200 profile and save the one in there to your hard drive, then plug the mod in and import it.

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