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Efusion Duo different cells volts


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cell3.png i posted this before is num cell 3 looking bad week ? it gets further off as the pack voltage goes down i razed soft cell cut off to 3.09 and still dose not seem right at cell voltage at 3.10 and below it well not even hit 290 D F coil and no message check battery    i am trying to figure out soft cell cut off problem or just poor battery pack thanks for looking  DNA250
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okay will make 3.09, yesterday I had this problem [3fb1ace936a8478fbfa0745d87281168]     but after few minutes my it was okay [8536d44081504fbc8234dd7b453b620a]   , maybe I had to try full charge it? when I saw it is same Volts I just removed the usb. what I have to do now? By the way, percentages is jumping again

I dont know it is battery problem or something wrong with my escribe. Tried reset it.

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