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Lost Vape Therion DNA75 Latest firmware update help

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Don't worry you can't brick them, the fw update process had been designed to be recoverable. 3rd section on the product page "Click Here to Download Escribe".  Just install, connect your DNA (with or without batteries both work) and it should ask you if you want ot update the fw if it not already up to date, you can force it to update the fw by clicking apply service pack in the tools menu as well.

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fibercarbon said:

i opened the program and it is not prompting me to update it anywhere. which part of the program do i go to to update?

The latest fw version for the DNA75 is 2016-06-05. Open Device Monitor with device connected and look in the bottom right corner for the fw version... If your device is new I suspect it has the latest fw already installed.
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