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Using Steam Engine csv files.

Smokin Dave

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So this my problem may be elementary for most on here but here I go.
I'm having a problem getting csv files because when I download them they go to Microsoft Excel.I have not a clue as how to convert this to a file I can use in escribe.
I use Mozilla to download the file but converting from Excel is my problem.
Unfortunately this needs to be explained to me like I am five years old.I'm 55 and pretty new to this and my comp skills are sort of lacking.
So thanks in advance and for being patient with my dumbness.  

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Can I add a question to this ?

In the wire wizard in steam-engine you can click on the DNA200 button and download the csv file ......... can this csv file also be used for the DNA 75 ?

If I could get my head around this question then I could move on ..... he said hopefully .

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