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Triade DNA200 Battery 0% issue


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Hello. Battery is half charged, but triade says it's 0%. Device is Lost Vape Triade DNA200 batteries LG HG2, I don't change any setting before it happens. Been just vaping, when mod says imbalanced batteries. Checked them via mutlimeter it was all same level, allways charging via Nitecore i4. Then they were 33%, when I took them out and add again and there is 0% now. This problem was gone, for few hours. Now it back again. Now tried to set new battery discarge profile, but it wont help. Add device monitor shot. Any ideas?


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Not sure if this is relevant, but can you check your current firmware version. Bottom right hand corner of Device Monitor. The latest is v1.2 SP5. I know there were issues before this version (just with the screen battery display) but not sure if that is also what was seen by your screenshot.

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