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Oni 133/200


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Hi I need help. Just purchased an Oni 133/200 mod (first dna device)
When I connect to escribe, an error message "no device connected" will pop up..
I tried using another usb cord(evic vtwo usb cord)
I tried restarting my laptop
But there's one thing I'm not sure of.. The version of my escribe... 
Can someone post me a link of the supposed escribe version I should use? :( 

Can anyone help me or have the same issue? 

Earl Porillo

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Try reinstalling  EScribe and check the the Drivers are checked in the options, you don't need to unistall it beforehand. Then when you connect it is there a thing in the windows system tray showing it is looking for a driver for your hardware, it may take a little time on some systems.

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