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Recent FW update patch notes?


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Im new here as well as to this kind of electronic cigarrettes, i was used to simple variable watts devices, so please pardon my ignorance, i read all about the device so i purchased a dna200 and applied sp5a. On device monitor it let's you choose amperage, does that stay? At the price point i was between 4 but having it all pre-set i chose Sdna75. Is it just me or battery is put backwards! Why? Its just confusing also i didn't know the wires would stay on my software! Pretty much just made it easy to use both my devices :) what are the changes for dna250? Other than bigger fuse 'reverse polarity protection' and more power. .. im coming from a 40w device, 200w is a lot, unless there is stuff not on youtube about chip upgrades?

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arby said:

I just plugged in my VF133 and downloaded an update to it. What were the notes for the most recent update I can't find any. 

This may answer your question.... DNA 133 is a 2 cell DNA200 as you know....

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