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very slow charging. 10hours for 10%. lavabox dna200


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Sorry for my poor english first of all.

I bought a converter for 110v to 220v to charge my mod with charger came with the package.

I can  see the sign of charging in the screen, for sure it is charging. but the thing is i never know when its gunna fully charged.

I have tried to charge up to 12 hours and the result was like 15%. this happens same to USB charging. (I'd like to say usb charging seems faster than using converter)

here is a picture of monitoring. 1.jpg  2.jpg 

Vendor says they can replace it for me. but i wanna try to solve this problem by myself if it's not about hardware problem.



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beatrix said:


I'm currently living in moscow. does it count?

By the way what does thermistor do?

Measures the temperature of the board, if that is broken it will not be able to find cold res correctly or compensate for temp changes from the mod.   Try opening a ticket with Evolv they may replace the board under warranty for you https://helpdesk.evolvapor.com/index.php?a=add&category=1
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