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Do you charge with your Mods?


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so its safe?? 

the case like this : i have a therion 250 with 3 LG HG2 (maried) the first time i bought the battery i charge it on external charger (nitecore d4). will it be safe if the next time my battery low (in 50-30%) i just plugged the mod to 2amp charger (like asus fast charging brick) and leave it overnight?? 

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A silly tip, but maybe someone will find it useful... Since I started vaping years ago, I have always charged my batteries in external chargers (My DNA device is the only exception) and I never leave them unattended. But what if I have to go to another room for few minutes? Some time ago I could see my brand new battery (one of the 3 top brands) venting in my external charger (things happen - it didn't explode - I managed to take it outside - probably it had an undetectable internal short - it was then replaced by the retailer). Now I always put my charger into a DIY 'silo' -  a solid large metal pot with a cover, and I keep it away from anything flammable. In the worst case scenario my room will resemble a cloud-chasing competition with everybody vaping some stinky juices, but I hope it won't burn to ashes.

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