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Lost Vape Triade DNA 250

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@Dan thanks for making this fun, and welcome to the board.

Cool, I love clue games. Here are 3. Are ya ready? :thumb:

  1. The answer you are looking for is in the manual (250 datasheet, which you should read)
  2. It's on a Page # higher than 3, and less than 5.  https://downloads.evolvapor.com/dna250.pdf
  3. It might just be, ............... (no using the dictionary), the penultimate paragraph.
Your turn to guess. :D
Nice mod.
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Well thanks Wayneo but as earlier stated not the coil temp that bothers me, the small readings next to the battery icon on the left, room temperature and board temperature during charging, they still remain in Fahrenheit no matter what...any clue to this issue? Can't find any answer in the manual...

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As you probably know in EScribe Device Monitor you see Board and Room Temperature in Celsius....but you want it on the device display..... so....

You could offer your thoughts under the "Suggestions" heading at Evolv Help Desk "ticket process".... here is a link....


Also James from Evolv reads some posts here and he may well have read yours....

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