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Device Monitor for Apple macOS (native)

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I made a litte tool for device monitoring on macOS. It can't - and never will - be a full replacement for Escribe, it's only the device monitoring part and still work in progress. So it just saves you from booting a Windows VM or using Wine when you want to do monitoring. If you want to configure preheat, create profiles, add wire curves etc you still need Escribe.


Feedback welcome - preferably in the github issue tracker.



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@hobbyquaker Super thanks there!! I found and downloaded, and started using it yesterday.

Works as intended and I don't need to fire up any sort of virtualization software. Slick. I've tested straight wattage mode as well as TC mode, 4 different mods ranging from 75's, 200's, and 200/133. All perfect. It would be nice to 'enable logging' and save a csv.

One question .... after clicking on highcharts, how do I get back to your regular display?      :thumb:

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I have a problem using this on MacBook Pro Sierra 10.12.3. I get the following message:

A JavaScript error occurred in the main process

Uncaught Exception:

TypeError: pollPuffDatapoints.forEach is not a function

    at Timeout.pollPuff [as _onTimeout] (/Applications/dna-monitor.app/Contents/Resources/app/main.js:447:24)

    at tryOnTimeout (timers.js:232:11)


    at Timer.listOnTimeout (timers.js:202:5)

It then loads the program, but shows no data.


Las Vegas

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hobbyquaker said:

does it show the feature list (bottom right, something like "Evolv DNA, 3 Battery Cells, TC, PC, ...")?

No. Nothing.

What happens if you open the serial console (menu "tools") and type in [CODE]P=GET SP[/CODE]?

It displays a group of numbers when I bring up the serial console. But there's no method of copying to send you the data displayed. Entering the 'P=GET SP' doesn't change what is displayed.

Do you have another DNA device for testing or only the DNA250?

Unfortunately no. I wish I did! :)
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