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  1. Doyle4

    Power bank Mode

    Was a nice little surprise to be honest, I didn't know it was included either.
  2. Doyle4

    Power bank Mode

    Did nothing, tried various combinations, sometimes toggle box will allow me to select it, but nothing happens, some dont allow me to highlight the toggle box, really confused. I have the OTG cable that came with the Paranormal.
  3. Doyle4

    Power bank Mode

    Hello, Could some one please guide me on steps to add power bank mode feature to my 250C. I added a toggle box and used various conditions, cant get it to work. Thanks
  4. Doyle4

    Paranormal DNA250C

    0.04 is standard i think. DIY it, short the 510 out (google search how) set the internal res to 0.00, then use atty analyser, then input that data.
  5. Doyle4

    DNA 250 Color Clock Errors

    Once escribe is available that will solve your issue, downside is, thats rumoured for tomorrow.
  6. Make some nice screen profile pics, other than that, as above
  7. Had a look around and cant find one, cool if someone could point me in right direction? Needing some guidance on how to setup Device Monitor on device. Thanks!
  8. Doyle4

    Date format

    Thank you veru much dude!
  9. Doyle4

    Date format

    Hi guys, Making a theme for the 75C, but for the life of me cant figure out how to change the date format to UK, it's M/D/Y at the moment and would like it to be D/M/Y Thanks.
  10. Doyle4

    Therion 75C BF Problem.

    I dont use it in temp mode I just use the wire profiles for the wire i use DNA200-Nichrome_N80_(A)-SteamEngine.csv
  11. Doyle4

    Therion 75C BF Problem.

    Can connect and download settings perfect, can upload settings fine... I have found what is causing the problem, but cant figure out why it is causing the issue. When i change the profile from say Watts to Ni80, then connect to escribe and try and upload, the error happens, but i haven't tampered with the wire profiles at all. The mod is currently using DJSlabs theme, I have just been told by someone else to try the default and see what happens, thats next thanks for your time on this @Wayneo
  12. Doyle4

    Therion 75C BF Problem.

    Im currently using the MacOS version, but i'll try on PC when i can Nope, nothing, its strange how its happening.
  13. Hello, Got my self the Therion 75C BF, but I'm having problems, not sure if its latest Escribe (latest early SP9) Firmware 1.1 If i change the colour of the led, it does not save the adjustment, always stays red. Other problem I am having is, I have to restore the device every time I hook it up to Escribe, I'm constantly getting Curves must be strictly increasing error, once I have re set up the device the exact same as it was, it works fine, Hook it back up to Escribe and the error happens again. I have saved the profiles as one tutorial said to do and hasn't helped. Any ideas? Thanks
  14. Doyle4

    Device Monitor showing 0.009A charge

    @ChunkyButt200 tried all them, still no joy, tried many wires, different charges etc, all showing the same. I think its what you have said last, but, not somthing i have done as the board was given to me. Im guessing there is no fix, so im happy to charge via my bay charger, updates still work via usb so im happy with that
  15. Doyle4

    Device Monitor showing 0.009A charge

    Just an update on this. When I plug it in to charge, I have just spotted the battery icon will not change to charge battery icon, stays solid.