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Overwhelmed, Blank screen from vacuuming


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So I'm vacuuming my garage and the cord gets caught so whip it to try and free it up. I succeeded in freeing up the cord but managed to knock my reuleaux DNA 200 off my work bench and onto the linoleum floor. When I pick it up I have the infamous blank screen so I hook it up to escribe and it's showing everything is normal and working fine. So I ordered the 12$ screen from evolv in hopes that it's a quick, inexpensive fix. I signed up for this forum and have found an overwhelming amount of info on reuleaux screens and now I'm worried it could be the fuse. Can someone hook me up with a link/video on replacing the screen. I've spent the past day on the forum highlighting/bookmarking the only problem I have now is I've got 30 topics to go back thru and read. OVERWHELMED!!!

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