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Asmodus Oni 167


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I like the shiny blue one.  It's a dual 18650 DNA 250 mod.  About the size of my P+ case.  Despite the fact it's going to be the worst juice/fingerprint magnet on earth.  Does anyone have one, or have any feedback? 

I see a lot of threads on Lost Vape and other 'produced' mods with DNA boards in them, but no Oni. 


I could use that one for my 18650's and strip apart my P+ build, LiPo it, and then put a squonking 510 in it.  (Since I already have it apart to fix it anyway.)  

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If I would have seen that before I built my own enclosure - I would have bought that instead... 

So, looking at the Oni, and the Player.  It appears they are the exact same.  But it also seems the plates, pieces, buttons etc are pretty much out of stock.

$75 is kinda nuts considering that's what the board costs.  I'd rather have the blue one and the DNA 250... but I could buy 2 of those.  *sigh*.

Guess I'll have to think about it.  That's a good price.  

I think I'm gonna do it just to have a back up.  


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