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SS316L- issues with SP5?

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Hi everyone, I have a question regarding SS316L and temp control with the SP5 1.2 update. 

I could never get SS316L to work well on my DNA200's, until SP3. When I updated to this, I found it to work as well as my DNA75's, and changed it to my main wire type. 

(EDIT: I should add, it was the included SS 316 profile with the update that I found to work best. I am still using the same one, so am unsure why this is now happening- is it even possible it is the service pack?)

I updated two of my DNA200's yesterday after updating Escribe, and now am having the same issues as before SP3 with the mods I updated. The ones still on SP3 are working well. 

Temp protect is hit immediately, and no vapour is produced, even if I turn up the temp all the way to 300C.

(EDIT: Hmm, it does seem to be behaving the same way as I remember- sometimes it fires, and the temp is not reached, others it seems to be registering far too early, and dropping power far too much). 

Is this a known issue, and if so, can I revert to SP3 on these two mods? I was very happy with the performance before, so would like to get it back working this well :)

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Make sure the board is well-grounded. If the grounding screws are making poor contact, Ohms can shift as power rises.

1.2 SP5 introduced an overtemperature failsafe (that is, if it measures a temperature well over what it should be controlling at, it assumes the wire is out of control and cuts power). In practice this does not occur often, but it can due to Ohms misreading if you have a grounding issue.

Barring everything else, you can certainly revert back to SP3. EScribe should be compatible with it long-term. If it ever stops being compatible let us know. :)

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Thank you for your help :)

I will check the grounding screw on both mods, it is strange if there is an issue there on both the Efusion and the Hotcig V2, but it is not beyond possibility. 

It is hit and miss, sometimes kicking the wire out of TC mode, others doing what you have mentioned. This happened on all of my DNA200's before SP3, then it worked fantastically with SS316L and I was very happy. 

If this doesn't work, at least I can go back to SP3 if for some reason the update is causing me issues. 

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Hey @Conanthewarrior, very similar to you .......... my SS316L builds were always quite solid.

I also run 1.2 SP5, and the latest escribe v2.

I don't drip, and clean my 510 and threads religiously. I've checked all visible screws and none needed tightening.

I have JUST started having similar issues as you. My display showing 41297F for temp, and blowing me out of TC, and wrong ohms on the display. But, I can remove them, cool, and replace on a different DNA mod, and they're perfect. Unfortunately, but so far, only occurring on my efusion, and VT133. Once removed, i'll fire to get the check atomizer warning, and go back to these mods when it's time for a battery change and they work perfectly again. I thought I was going crazy :eek:

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