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  1. @James First: Thank You for Your Efforts I confirm the "Error press up"-bug ("Epu") still exists in firmware SP38 I first encountered the Epu after updating to Escribe SP17 and firmware SP35. Until that day my device ran perfect in Replay-mode. After about 7 days messing with about everything in Escribe (not changing the Theme however) I downgraded back to firmware SP33.2. After that the "Epu" never appeared again for 10 days in a row. Today I installed Escribe SP19 and firmware SP38. After letting the mod sleep for 15+ minutes (not before, I tested), the "Epu" appeared again. It could be repeated again and again by pressing "Upload settings to device" in Escribe. Same with "Restore Defaults": After the upload "Epu" appeared on the screen. I could only end this behavior by taking the batteries from the mod. Afterwards I tried again, letting it sleep for 15+ minutes, "Epu" showed, same behavior with Escribe. 2,5 hours ago I downgraded again to SP33.2, and couldn't get the "Epu" to appear on screen again, letting it sleep several times between 15 and 35 minutes. Hopefully this helps you and Evolv a little. My device is a LV Paranormal DNA 250C with a board programmed May 25th, 2018. Please excuse my English!
    Great Job in bringing all important options of Escribe (for my usage) on to the mod screen without altering the simplicity of the orginal Evolv-theme design. This is exactly what I was looking for, not fancy with graphics, eventually using up too many resources of the 250C, but simple in look, intuitive in use and comprehensive in function. If I would have started at getting really into the Theme-Designer, it would at best have resulted in a theme like yours… For my purposes I changed the increments of Watts back to 0.1 W, since my usage ist around 20 Watts, and small changes can count. But that modification is a game, compared to all the great Expansions you brought to the original Evolv-Theme. Many Thanks and Greetings from Germany
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