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  1. Thanks, very annoying given the price of the device. Ill open a ticket with evolv because i don't want to send it back across the planet.
  2. Check battery issue keeps coming up, i don't think its the batteries i have multiple sets and have tried a bunch of different types. Brand new device will not read an atomizer but is making contact with 510. Any time i try to fire it says check battery, and the battery percentage reads %4 no matter what batteries i put into the thing. I have tried pretty much all the normal stuff like setting it to default, hard reset, updating software. I have used, mixed, and new married batteries none will work properly. I have opened the mod up and looked on the inside and nothing looks dodgy, the soldering looks decent. Pic is device monitor picture with 3 batteries married same type in (LG).
  3. original creator scarymonkeyman was credited in TONS of different areas including the theme itself. I understand you are german so i can't give you to much shit for not reading....
  4. Version 2.0.0


    This is a theme i made using images and ideas from ScaryMonkeyMan's Vape Boy 3000 theme. I made this theme for a DNA 250c so feel free to edit whatever you want. This theme takes on more of a New Vegas or amber colored pip-boy. I also updated the vault boys limbs to turn red when the battery gets lower as if he is being crippled. Special thanks to ScaryMonkeyMan, most of the material i sourced from his theme.
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