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  1. Possible. 75C probably does not have replay also officially released so that is a few clicks lesser for it to happen inadvertently i guess...
  2. Actually i had said the above when I had just moved to DNA mods. After a month or so of using them I realize that this feature is not needed. I have carried my Paranormal around in my jeans pocket, dumped it at times into my bag but unlike my other mods, I have never seen the settings change unless I wanted to change them. The difference is in the design of how many buttons need to be clicked, in which combination before a setting will change. While other mods in your pocket could change the setting unintentionally as it took just a press of the up and down button here the story is very different. I have been vaping in the Replay mode only - so a change in setting would require clicking to select cancel, clicking cancel, clicking till the watts are selectable, clicking to select the watts and then clicking the up and down button... Long story short DNA is a different story and this story does not need no lock option :)
  3. That's not nice. There should be an option to lock all buttons except the fire button to avoid changing any settings by mistake...
    Just the theme I wanted. Clean as the original with added features. The 1W increment is a big plus.
  4. Just got my first DNA device yesterday and thoroughly screwed up my Finder 250C - this was a life saver! Thanks for sharing.
  5. Why? I thought Replay was better than temp mode in every way...
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