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  1. Well I backed up to SP35 and it works fine
  2. Pretty sure I know you. Im also pretty sure this board came from the first bunch. Even though its new. Im starting to wonder if it was an issue with a batch of the older boards. I swapped the 510 (both source 510's). Ive tried numerous RTA's and RDA's with different coils. Guess I will bite the bullet and replace the board and just keep this one for wattage mode
  3. 5 different attis with 5 different coils. New 510. Its not the atti
  4. Anybody ever figure out what caused this issue before I replace a board? I have a 250C that throttles almost constantly
  5. dc99

    Best Sleds

    Never had any issue with them.
  6. dc99

    Best Sleds

    I know this is old but if I use a sled I only use Mosmax sleds. Injection molded and NOT 3D printed
  7. Try unplugging everything from the usb ports except the cable you are using. Sometimes I have to try mutiple cables to get one to work
  8. I honestly dont remember but I think I have a black and a blue one in the short and a couple of the large ones. I will go look in a min
  9. If you really like the curve I have a couple laying around.
  10. dc99


    If anybody ever has this issue try changing cables. I tried 5 different ones before I got one to work and it loaded right up
  11. This is my favorite build so far with a 250C as far as the bigger boxes go. It is from stealthvape and it fits the hand way better than the N1. 30mm 510 and you will need there board holder and buttons but its pretty straight forward and great quality box.
  12. Out of curiosity wher did you get a 30ml squonk bottle?
  13. dc99


    I keep getting an error code. Eeprom read failed when trying to load a screen. Got the same message on a 250C and a 75C. Any ideas?
  14. I really dont want to take this battery out but if I have to so be it. I left it on charge to see if it would balance itself. Its a brand new battery so it was shipped a little off. Batt 2-3 will get to 4.2 and keep backing to 4.198-4.199 and battery 1 is at 3.946. It did go up to 71% from 70
  15. I have the same issue with a 3S pack. Why do they never say 100% charge?
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