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    The Trucker DNA250C 30Ml. Squonk

    Out of curiosity wher did you get a 30ml squonk bottle?
  2. dc99


    I keep getting an error code. Eeprom read failed when trying to load a screen. Got the same message on a 250C and a 75C. Any ideas?
  3. I really dont want to take this battery out but if I have to so be it. I left it on charge to see if it would balance itself. Its a brand new battery so it was shipped a little off. Batt 2-3 will get to 4.2 and keep backing to 4.198-4.199 and battery 1 is at 3.946. It did go up to 71% from 70
  4. I have the same issue with a 3S pack. Why do they never say 100% charge?
  5. dc99

    Reverse cell protection in parallel 2x18650

    Those boards work great with this type https://www.digikey.ca/product-detail/en/littelfuse-inc/MHP-TA15-9-77/MHP-TA15-9-77-ND/3748602