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  1. You need to put a resistor load on the atomizer and run it at 40 watts. I used a halogen bulb. Here is a video of one set up using large resistors: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=us0rR09PQS4 Here is another using wire loops: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=d8EHZqiqIbM Cheers! Jackal
  2. Got it working, thanks for your help! Cheers! Jackal
  3. Jackal

    Halogen Bulb Atomizer

    Working on battery curve for Tungsten is tricky. The cold ohms are very low and the live ohms are very high. A workaround is to adjust the punch preheat setting to warm up the filament so the the bulb can fire at the higher resistance setting. Below is a graph for a 50 watt 12 vdc halogen that puts out a maximum of 35 watts on the DNA 250C for various temperature setting, and the resulting live ohms and wattage measured. In the graph, W200, 400 and 600 are the watts at the set temps of 200F, 400F and 600F, with live resistance on the x axis versus output watts on the y axis. Using the graph, you can set the cold ohm resistance to adjust how many watts are delivered for the range of temperature settings. Cheers! Jackal
  4. Thanks, dwcraig1! Will re-run the battery analyzer. Cheers! Jackal
  5. Ran battery analyzer with 1600mah 4S cells fully charged. However, the battery curve the analyzer generated sets 0% at 3.9 volts and 100% at 4.18 volts. Should not 0% be closer to 3.2 volts and not at 3.9 volts? Cheers and all help appreciated! Jackal
  6. Jackal

    Halogen Bulb Atomizer

    They do work great to drain battery for testing, etc, and also make a pretty decent, long lasting heat source for an atty. Below is a table with commercially available halogen bulbs on the left part of table (W1, V1, I1, R) and how they will perform on the DNA 250C on the right part of table (R, W2, V2, I2). Cheers! Jackal
  7. Jackal

    Halogen Bulb Atomizer

    A 50 watt, 22V halogen bulb firing in watt mode. Cheers! Jackal
  8. Yeah, mine was only getting up to 77% because of the unbalanced cell. Ran battery analyzer now that all cells are fully charged and will monitor cell 4 to see if it is misbehaving. Part of my problem is this was my first mod and the solder joints probably suck. After running the battery analyzer, all cells are now balancing. The weird thing is that the battery curve the analyzer generated sets 0% at 3.9 vdc and 100% at 4.18 vdc. Cheers! Jackal
  9. It seems that the lowest cell of the pack determines the percentage charge shown, so if one cell is low, the percentage will be low, and you may have to charge that cell separately to balance the pack . A bad connection on the board could cause a cell to not charge and discharge properly, and this may be the problem with my mod. Cheers! Jackal
  10. Cell 4 at 4.03 volts charging to 4.13 volts to match cells 1-3. Cheers! Jackal
  11. In process of charging unbalanced cell 4 per suggestion of dwcraig1, and seems to be working Cheers! Jackal
  12. retird, thanks for clarifying. The USB recovery charge did not work. Cell 4 is still off by .2 volts. Will try leaving it on USB charging to see if it will eventually charge up or try single cell charging as previously suggested. May also try to reflow solder connections on the board if cell 4 will not charge. Cheers! Jackal
  13. Thanks again! I cleaned the mod with alcohol in case of any discharging due to flux, etc., and will see what happens. As a side note, the USB recovery charging or load balance charging may be working per below picture, as voltages are starting to slowly converge. Cheers! Carlos
  14. Thanks again! Worst case, will let it charge for a few days to see if it will eventually balance, as you suggested. Any idea how power supply mode could help? Cheers! Jackal