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  1. They look way better, thanks for sharing? How do the contacts hold up?
  2. Who's got the best sleds? I'm really tired of the sled or the contacts in the sled being the weak point of my mods. I've been using a couple different sleds but none last long. The best I've found are the Brimstone's with bigger contacts in them than they call for but I would love to find a better sled. I'm considering going away from a sled to dual \ triple 18650 shrink wrapped with leads that have mini deans connectors, like a RC battery pack. That's the best setup I've figured out but I would love to not have to do that.
  3. Thanks bud, I didn't even think to check if it was locked in EScribe, great idea. I did check for updates but I'm already up to date. I am running a different theme, that's what is making it hard to tell if it's locked. I'll check out the 510 and see what it comes up with, it's a VT, they have been pretty good so far. Thanks
  4. My board is ALWAYS asking me if I changes coils, even with subohm tanks with store bought built coils. It happens every time I change batteries for sure but every half hour otherwise. I have tried the res locked and unlocked (is the lock blue or black when it's locked?) I just updated to newest firmware, not sure if it's going to help, I sure hope it does. I built a mod for this board for my dad but there is no way he could use it having to read the screen and answer the pop quiz so often. Am I doing anything wrong? thanks
  5. Anyone know where to get these in the US>? Looking for something to hold the screen in place, acrylic would be nice, but I'll take anything. thanks
  6. I had the same thing happen on my new boards, I thought it was BC I wasn't running a ground (aluminum case, board is grounded to case) so I added a ground and it didn't help. Then I set the mod settings to the correct 2 18650's and uploaded and it works perfectly.
  7. Same problem on one board. . .ticket, rma, sucks...
  8. Does anyone know if this issue was due to mod/atty high res or was it an actual bug, did it get fixed?
  9. Well, I ran thru all the wires, resoldiered all the connections, and ran thru the settings in escribe and it had changes from 2 cells to 3 cells. This is what happens if your trying to run the board on two cells and its programed to be running on three. Maybe this will help someone as lame as me someday..
  10. Can someone please tell me what it means when the board wont turno on, it only goes to the intro dna screen when i hold the fire button down. If I continue to hold the fire buttton the wattage screen comes up and then it says check battery. I tried it with ten different batteries. I'm assuming theres a bad soldier joint but I jsut resoldiered all the connections. Thanks!
  11. there was a hunk of metal down in my 510, must have picked it off of an atty sitting on my desk, was stuck to it and hitched a ride into the 510. All good now, Next idea woulda been a short or cut in the wire from the 510. Thanks for the help bud, much appreciated.
  12. I tried two different vector rdas and a thump. They all have builds between 0.2 and 0.5ohm. It's an early 200 board. I believe the atomizer analyzer showed a proper reading, before and a very high reading, 2.5ohm to 3.5ohm, after I hit the fire button. I'll confirm and reply, thanks for the help.
  13. Sorry, it's a 200 board, the ohms are around 0.35ohm but the board is reading 3.5ohm, and flashing ohms too high, but escribe reads correct ohm. Thanks VB
  14. I have run a few different attys now, kanthal builds, the board is giving me a reading that different , from atty to atty, from 2ohms to 3.4 ohms, keeps telling me thatt my ohms are too high, wont fire. When I plug it into escribe the device monitor shows the correct ohms. any help is appreciated.
  15. I appreciate the help bud. Tag before I added those jumpers it only turned the screen on when I held the fire button down but it wouldn't do anything but say dna200
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