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    add replay it be 5 stars
  1. I figured it out and got it working looking good now. Nice work i'm an iphone user so i like the iphone look on my mod. Thanks
  2. I can see the arrow and back buttons but no text shows. The only menus that do work are boost screen. Can’t see profile on main screen either.
    Nice work it looks really nice. It won't work on the settings tab it will open it but i can't select anything. running on 250C Paranormal with US firmware 1.1 service pack 35 all other themes i've tried work. Hope to get it working cuz it is a very nice theme.
  3. really like this theme could you add replay to it make a different version
  4. would like to see replay added to this theme i think its one of the best looking themes on here. badass theme
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