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  1. Tanks are like juices we get something different from each user , while i respect your opinion there's a load more tanks better and a lot cheaper than the Juggerknot mini
  2. So you have the evolv enhanced theme installed , you may aswell install that as its slightly better than the standard which is visually similar and you are wanting on the replay screen the ability to change wattage and temperature from the replay screen ? its not impossible but you would have to remove or resize pretty much all of the main screen as the replay screen uses 3/4 of that page . you could take a look at my theme i uploaded that is based off the evolv's enhanced theme because there is a lot of shortcuts to different page options
  3. you could flip the screen to landscape and create a theme similar to it
  4. just updating this as i ran into a problem just recently , it seems another bug in Windows 10 that some users are having trouble with custom fonts when installing to the font folder they simply wont show up in the list of fonts you've installed when using different applications , how i fixed this is to create anew folder on your C drive and name it New Fonts , copy and paste your desired font in this folder you've just created and rick click the font and select install for all users and this should now install the font to the main font folder in windows and should be available in different application as a listed font - you can now delete the font in the folder you created
  5. you are in danger of shorting the usb socket in your motherboard , or worse , the computer doesn't understand firstly that one usb cable leads to 8 devices because you need a usb hub , a powered one to be exact and also you need a data transfer compatible usb lead from all 8 mods to the computer , you cant just use any usb cable - but if this is what you intend to do or achieve buy the correct stuff to do it as i mentioned in my previous reply.
  6. 3 things here are wrong , 1 your computer wouldnt push more than 5 amps , 2 the wire wouldnt support more than 5 amps and 3 this is dangerous - what you need is a powered usb hub with at least 8 usb slots powered by your house hold plug and 8 separate usb leads you can also connect the hub to the computer but the hub is still going to be needed to be plugged in to the socket.
  7. its normal , the longer they are left out the more the time is off - just connect to escribe and run device monitor and it will update automatic
  8. just give you my input as im reading this thread , if you have ASmedia USB3.0 Drivers installed remove them and let windows just configure them , in the past they have been known to cause me issues when usb's aren't recognised either in windows or in programs
  9. you add fonts to the windows font folder and they will automatically install , when you reopen theme designer that should be in the drop down list - occasionally windows will not recognise or read some fonts because of compatibility or the font size will not appear at all because they are not available in that size you want them to be in - try to download a similar or a different source to where you get the font from
  10. ok i thought it might no be right , just thought its firing and just doing the same job a coil would do but i had my doubts - thanks again
  11. could i use this to run a battery analyzers when i do a battery profile or does it have to be a coil ? its an inline voltmeter
  12. ok im well away building my own box , now i have bought i fire button to wire on to the pcb , i know which is positive and negative on the board but the fire button just has 2 pins with some tiny writing on the back and i cant make out what it says even using a magnifying glass but it does not look like positive or negative or symbols that would look like a minus or plus , does it matter which pin is the positive or negative on the fire button ?
  13. great find retird much appreciated for the info thanks guys
  14. so there should be no difference between a retail chip and a retail manufactured chip , same terminals and everything as obviously my box mod hasn't got the wired fire button but uses the touch pads to fire , if i get an enclosure then i would have to wire the fire button up with new actuator fire button and would escribe pick up the new battery config because i plan to use 2x21700 instead of 2x18650 , with a new battery sled . also i've seen those fire buttons which aluminate is it same terminal and wiring as a normal fire button you would wire thanks for the time
  15. Hello , is there any difference between a chip installed from a manufacturer and one you can buy retail from Evolv - could i take a chip out of a ready made box with a 250C in it and install it in a custom enclosure , the mod box i have at the moment has a full set of actuators buttons but the enclose would require me to solder a wire from fire button up to the pcb board
  16. Reviving an old thread but i suffered the same problem with error up message every time i uploaded a theme or firmware to my device but everything worked as it should even though it displayed error up message , the device in question is a vapecige VT250C i now have 2 of them one gives this error up message the other one doesn't , i read this thread and tried Wayneo's solution as my lock screen hadn't got anything assigned to it so i assigned round robin and it fixed the problem of the error up message
  17. Warmth of replay - numbered 1 to 11 like how boost interacts with non temperature controlled coils
  18. Best way to learn is understand the original default themeworks , learning what each setting does familiarize yourself with how the menu works and the settings in escribe where your profiles are located , then download another theme whichever you like and make small changes like wallpaper or the way the layout is positioned make small changes - then understand how the theme is configured looking at how each setting is configured and how to replicate it , it takes time and with time each theme you make will become better with time
  19. haven't we all put 100's of man hours in creating themes , i know lets all put a donation tab on our themes it seems the way forward lets have the rest of the community now pay us for our time - hours worked on themes - nobody forced you to join the forum or do a theme and yes by all means start a thread will be interesting
  20. sticking a paypal donation link onto your theme is in bad taste a lot of guys work hard making themes for free and to improve and help the community in general who like to create and share with others , people have free will to donate or not donate that is entirely upto them to do so , but youre doing it off the back of theming - that i do not agree with
  21. thanks just clearing things up i need to add something on my theme
  22. need some feedback on your DNA devices - so appreciate it - how many clicks to unlock your device ? the default is 5 clicks to unlock and this cannot be changed in therme or escribe - am i correct so unlocking the device will always be 5 clicks and if you change clicks on the device its to lock only it will not affect the unlock sequence of 5 clicks because this is a default and cant be changed in theme or escribe and also let me know if your using INT version of escribe or US version and what service pack if you can alter unlock sequence either in escribe or theme itself
  23. no problem , my themes and other users themes are available in the download section here https://forum.evolvapor.com/files/ alternatively if you want my themes you just need to click on my profile and look for uploaded files.
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