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  1. DMAN

    How to set up a DNA properly ?

    Totally disagree with your opinion. Replay enabled devices are perfect for starters/newbies. Find a vape you like, press Replay. Sorted.
  2. Replay will only work with TC wires. In a fancy coil, the core needs to be a TC wire.
  3. I should edit this post. The atty is working fine now that I understand Replay better. The coils I was using at the time had a Kanthal core. They worked on another DNA mod because I had allowed dubious coils. The Lotus is actually a pretty sweet atty with a restricted lung hit.
  4. DMAN


    Probably unconnected, but I had a similar problem using Replay. The power kept switching off and on through the vape. It was jumping all over the place. It only happened with the one atty, so I knew it wasn't the board. The atty was the Vandy Vape Triple 2, so a fairly crowded deck with 3 coils. I had carelessly added an extra wrap to one coil. I removed the extra wrap and all was good.
  5. DMAN

    How to set up a DNA properly ?

    That's what I do, I trust the chip to sort things out. When I build a coil, or use a stock coil, I have a rough idea what power it needs. I start low and up the power until I get a nice vape then Replay it. It doesn't matter to me if Steam Engine says it needs 85 watts, i'll run it at 60 watts if it vapes fine, or go past 85 watts if needed. I guess it could drive you nuts if your the type that needs to know exactly how something works.
  6. DMAN

    Replay on Vape cige VTbox 250C

    I use the 'Gauges' theme on mine. Works perfectly.
  7. DMAN

    How to set up a DNA properly ?

    I will leave you to your elevation. You are too high for me, I just want a nice vape.
  8. DMAN

    How to set up a DNA properly ?

    I must be missing something here. How much more simple can it get? Up the power until you get a vape you like. Press Replay. Done. End of.
  9. DMAN

    Freemax Fireluke mesh SS316L 0.120hm coils

    Mine work fine on various DNA 250C mods, including the Triade. I don't have it set to allow dubious coils.
  10. Yeah, same settings. I think it's a 510 pin issue. I almost got it to work on one of the other mods. The 'save puff' was there, but the draw after that was a horrible dry hit after I saved it. I don't really care about this issue, so don't spend any time trying to figure it out mate. I just posted about it to put the issue out there. The atty is a cracker, and it's worth buying no matter if you use it in Replay, TC or Power mode on any mod. It's almost impossible to get a dry hit because of the floating deck.
  11. Very strange. I've just got myself a LV Mirage, and this atty works in Replay on it using the same coil as before. It doesn't work on a LV Triade, a LV Paranormal or a Thinkvape Finder.
  12. Just got the Hugsvape Lotus RTA and it doesn't seem to like Replay. Used a couple of 316l claptons that work in Replay mode on other attys.
  13. Just got the Hugsvape Lotus RTA and it doesn't work.
  14. DMAN

    Won't turn on from deep sleep

    Same here. Mine is also working perfectly now, so the general release of the firmware must be imminent.
  15. DMAN

    Firmware for Paranormal bug?

    I've just submitted a ticket, thanks.