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  1. EGO 13

    My way reloaded

    Hi , If you talk about this box ( see please the picture ) , so yes it will work
  2. Hello.

    Nice job with the theme.

    i;m trying to play with themes my self and i would like to ask you how do you change the battery gauge and use colors ?

    Thank you.

  3. EGO 13

    Lost Vape Paranormal DNA 75c

    Hi all I' m new on this forum . I like this DNA Evolv 75 c. I already have 2 Hcigar vt75 color ... And I wait a paranormal ( preorder the 12 September ) silver black with brown leather .I hope I will get it before Christmas lol I hope also I will not have problem with it ...Well wait and see. I wish you a very nice day to all . For me it 's time to bed lol ... 01.04 AM in France
  4. Did you try the link I send you ? I don 't understand ...It 's working very well for me Did you try lhe link I sent you ? I don' t undesrtand ...It 's working very well for me
  5. Hi I hope it will work . It 's working for me . I change th size of the date and add the blue light on fire target . DJLsbVapesTheme004 (Load on Theme Tab) 2.ecigtheme
  6. Hi, I' m from France . We have the same time zone , but I have not this problem . Dowload UK thème version and not US , when both are available on the dowload list . Otherwise, if you want , send me ( by MP ) your favorite theme and I try to fix the problem with Escribe and T.Designer :-)
  7. EGO 13

    DNA75C screen going white

    I am very far to be an expert , but think like you ( weak component wich is " dead " ) ... Better send it back to the shop or . Very sorry for you ... It 's under warranty , you' ll get a new one ;-)
  8. EGO 13

    Temp Protect and How to Add Wire Types

    Use watts ... Finaly TC is just for " the fun " ( just my opinion ). Have a nice evening ( I live in France and it' s 18 :39 lol )
  9. EGO 13

    Temp Protect and How to Add Wire Types

    You' r wellcome ... when I see your coil I imagine you are very very low with ohm
  10. EGO 13

    Temp Protect and How to Add Wire Types

    Hi this arrived to one of my vt75 ...I had rhe same problème with ss316, titanium ,ect . I just desactived the Control TC via Escribe ... And now evrything is ok . lol.
  11. EGO 13

    check atomizer message after SP23

    This should be a solution : Try an other thème also ... Well it' s just my opinion . :-)
  12. EGO 13

    DNA75C screen going white

    Hi , Did you change or download something ? otherwise open Escribe, download the orignal theme from evolv and reinstall it ... This should resolv your problem ... You will install an other theme later . I can' t help you more then that sorry. And sorry for my poor english language .