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  1. Charlie, This is the theme the DNA board has been waiting for, I thought I would have to chose between easy to use or all the available features in an unreadable menu nightmare. You've bridged that gap to provide an amazingly versatile theme that as the name suggest Clean, Easy to Read while still being informative and highly configurable, best of both worlds. The combination of Evolv's radical design work, Lostvape's beautiful hardware and your theme has elevated my vaping to a joyful experience. Thank you for your contribution to vaping.
  2. Using two Mods with current firmware using Linux EScribe 2.0 SP15.1 Paranormal 75c - 1.1 SP33.2 INT Paranormal 250c - 1.1 SP33.2 INT Theme - Clean-Color-Blue-2_1 For both devices :- Lock screen and Main Screen battery indicator does not change for full or empty batteries There is no indication of charging with empty batteries but USB info shows devices connection and charging Strange issue with puff count (Only appeared on the 250c after changing atomiser and reuploading theme a few times and then when hiding all four data values on Main screen it shows the current puff count bottom right of screen Can't see any options for displaying the puff count. I've used the Theme Designer to correct these problems Overall I love this theme very nice work P.S. Is there a way of changing the Replay back to Play -> Playing (Green) and NOT Play -> Stop (Red as though there is a problem) I'm not sure if this is a firmware or theme issue
  3. Thank you so much, keen Linux user here. Install and runs great on Fedora 26, very happy P.S. I only heard about this version from a PBusardo video you need some info on the Evolv website
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