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    Plain Text Serial commands

    @James first of all sorry for digging this old thread, but is there a command to set only selective cells to charge? or limit certain cells at certain voltage? incase you forgot, i'm using Vaporshark DNA 250 and it uses 3S lipo batteries.. and as you know the battery that came with the device is fullymax which is nowhere to be found anymore.. i think it'll be handy if we could selectively charge the cells because due to aging sometimes the lipos aren't charged balancely.. like mine here, the 1st cell is always somewhere .20-0.30 volts under the 2nd and 3rd cell.. and everytime cell 2 and 3 reached 4.10v the amp started to slow down and cuts itself.. resulting 1st cell not fully charged to 4.10v any other options or suggestions are welcomed.. TIA
  2. UPDATE the workaround i shared always works this way.. i have no charging issue since last friday.. But i'm curious, are there other DNA 250 users that have tried the SP6 and doesn't have this problem?
  3. UPDATE @James @Nick I have found a workaround to prevent power cut offs from happening on my Vaporshark DNA250 with SP6 INT. The trick is NOT charging the device directly after a vaping session, but you must let the device to go idle then turns off by itself, after the device is off then plug the chargers, the boot screen will show and will charge normally. Note : i don't know a couple of quick draw counts as a session or not and i haven't tried, but usually my session eats 10%-15% of battery.. i've been doing this 3 times since last night and it's doing great for me.. I'll keep monitoring this however it's pretty annoying to wait for the device to go off by itself then you can charge
  4. Hi James, it's 2 Amps and i use / carry around Samsung chargers.. I'm quoting myself from the support ticket between me and Nick. but I forgot to mention i also use Anker Powercore II powerbank and it's 2.0 cables here are the list of USB cables and adapters that i've tried : 2.0A> Adapters : 1. OEM charger for Samsung Galaxy A5 and A7 (2 of them, white and black), 2.0 A output 2. Samsung Travel Charger, 2.0 A output 3. Samsung OEM Charger for Samsung Galaxy S8 (the one i carry around) USB 3.0 Qualcomm Quick charge 4. Hippo dual dynamic charger (1A & 2A ports) 5. Dell Laptop USB Port (2.0 and 3.0) 2.0 Cables : 1. Vaporshark included 2.0 usb cable (data transfer capable) 2. Macson short 2.0 usb data cable (data transfer capable) 3. Samsung 2.0 usb cables (3x paired with the adapters, 2 of them are data transfer capable, 1 is not) 4. Hippo 2 Meter fast charging cable (no data transfer support) i can confirm that no cut off happened while on SP 5.1, and very positively sure it didn't happen before upgrading to SP6 and after downgrade from SP6.. because i have a habit whenever i charge my mod, the screen is always facing my direction, as soon as the battery reaches 100% and current goes less than 0.20A then i disconnect the chargers. i do this almost everytime, except when i go to bed, i charge it with anker powerbank which is intellegently turns itself off after the mod no longer accepts charges.. edit: have you seen my graph on page 49? it has down spikes which i'm not sure have happened before, i rarely use escribe for anything except for theme changes 😉
  5. @Nick here's the recorded cut outs, it's currently running SP6 INT. sorry for big size gif
  6. Update again It is true after doing a hard reboot i've successfully charged from 70% or so to 100% without being interrupted at all.. however unfortunately this morning when i charge my mod i noticed the cut off returns, i've recorded a video of this and still trying to figure out how to convert this to gif so i can post it to the forum thread
  7. Quick update Waiiiitttttt, i re-applied SP6 then issued a Hard Reboot from Diagnostic menu/button, the power cut offs automagically disappears.. i will monitor and update again if the power cut offs came back @James @Nick could this power cut offs caused by bad flash of SP? or the hard reboot is necessary after an SP flash?
  8. Just an update to my previous posts.. I've contacted for support and had been asked to roll back the firmware and i did, i went back from SP6 INT to SP5.1 and my device no longer suffering from power cut offs.. the downside is i lost the boost feature... dang it.. I hope they found out the problem and got them sorted out.. for now i'll upgrade again to SP6 and enjoy the boost feature and charge my device with 1A only just to be safe
  9. You can try using Codeweaver's Crossover .. it's like WINE for Linux, a compatibility layer that allows us to run windows app on non windows OS
  10. As per your recommendation I've posted a bug report, hope they could identify the bug and fix it soon.. but i would love to hear @James 's comment on this really enjoy reading his posts
  11. actually i haven't seen or heard any of it.. and after watching these i get a lot of WHATs.. WHAT? 250C? i haven't even heard of 166C or 200C WHAT? 400 WATTS? with some big ass coils you could definitely roast some meat with those.. what kind of batteries could deliver such power? 4S++ lipos? sh********ttttttt WHAT? REPLAY? sweet spot without needing TC wires? that is really dope.. i'd probably should stop before going more OOT.. but man, evolv is really killing the game.. when is it going to be released? i'm saving some bucks from now on 😂
  12. actually you can change it directly on the mod without escribe, lock your device while on any non TC profile, push and hold - and + button at the same time, you can set the boost value anytime
  13. fingers crossed i really liked the new boost feature, it made 50 watts kicks like 75++ watts with Ni80 wires, i really don't like the idea of downgrading to previous firmwares and losing this feature, well not for now 😅
  14. yes, i did applied the SP6 for DNA 250, as you could see in my uploaded pic (bottom right).. it sez Version 1.2 SP6 INT i think i will contact them for support tomorrow since i left my laptop at the office thanks george.. for now i'll just charge em with 1A to avoid damaging my device
  15. thanks for the heads up, so whenever the current changes drastically within a period might trigger the chip to cut off the charge and reorient itself. i do have to mention that my favorite fast charger adapter randomly ramps up/down rapidly reading at 1.94 to 2.00A before disconnection happens.. but i can confirm that the behavior happens when i'm using previous firmware without disconnecting.. well, i'll try changing the adapter and see what happens.. btw, have you seen my graph above? is it normal to have some spikes like that while charging? or is it the balancer taking control which cells needs to be charged? thanks again