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  1. ive perused for this topic and didnt find a difinative answer yet, so sorry if its doubled up. i have a chromebook laptop which does not run off of windows......ive tried to download the software to use it and it says to find a program to use in chrome store.....is anyone using a chromebook for escribe or are you using a specific program i need to download..... thanks in advance
  2. i found my rdas negative post was loose at the bottom, i tightened it and it stopped asking
  3. ive looked on this forum and only found one thread about the battery issue that my paranormal is having: it will skip around from percentage to percentage and when it finally reads batteries are weak, ill take them out and put them on my charger, they are still at 50% when the mod reads 20% or less. has anyone found a fix for this? ive tried to create a ticket with lost vape but it wont let me. this is driving me nuts!!!! ocd guy here
    wow man thank you for this beautiful theme, i love it
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