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    Lost Vape Therion 166
  1. PavorNocturnus

    Does Therion 166 support below 0.1 ohm

    Do you have any idea How many wattage I should use?
  2. PavorNocturnus

    Does Therion 166 support below 0.1 ohm

    According to ohms law, it seems safe. However, I don’t see the use of putting there my desired wattage since it’s irrelevant in TC.
  3. I’m using 26ga ss316l for a month and using it in TC mode as it supposed to and I get aroun 0,26 with 7wraps(dual). If I use the wire in the image, will it be safe and does ohm matter in TC mode? Thanks in advance. P.S.: More wraps than 8 doesn’t fit my atomizer and I assume as fused claptons more than 6 will be too big for it. I own a Pilgrim GTA. Also, I did a little research and it does support 0,08ohm+
  4. I have a therion 166w with dna 250 chipset. I use tc mode which works awesome with this device. One disadvantage of this mode is the letters on it gets erased so quickly. I’ve been using it for more than a month.
  5. PavorNocturnus

    Ohm not changing

    Thanks guys. Have a good vape 🤗 How can I mark this as resolved?
  6. PavorNocturnus

    Therion 167/DNA250 0% batteries check

    Is this a new device or were you vaping with it?
  7. Download escribe. Options, User Interface - Manufacturer. Go to Mod and change your cells type accordingly.
  8. PavorNocturnus

    Ohm not changing

    Thanks for all of your answers. I have another issue about the escribe program though. I always save my TCR for SS316L as 0.00094. However, when I re-open Escribe, it resets to 0.006. Why?
  9. PavorNocturnus

    Ohm not changing

    Thank you very much! Have a great day!
  10. PavorNocturnus

    Ohm not changing

    Hello everybody, I'm new to TC vaping and before I start, I made some researches. IIRC, the ohm should change while I'm vaping. However, I see no change at all with my dual 0,3ohm, ss316l, 26ga wire. 1,5s preheat 70w and 45 normally. I'm using Pilgrim GTA if it helps. Also, I may lock that ohm by mistake through escribe. How can I revert it on my mod. One more question, what is the range of vaping with this build? I feel like the more temperature the more I like. However, I read that fruity juices should vape at lower Temperatures. Thank you all.