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  1. Hi guys, I have got dna 250 recently but it shows "too hot" error as soon as I press fire button,on device monitor board temperature is 212F,I tried to clean board and do hard reboot but issue is still there so I suspect that temp controler is fried,does anyone knows is it possible to fix this or the board is for rubbish, Thanks
  2. great looking theme,could you make temp and watts live change during firing?
  3. That is great,thank you so much
  4. nice theme,can you translate to english too please?
  5. Remixed some dna 75 mod I have found on thingiverse
  6. I just wonder,wouldn't that insulator push battery more out and therefore we wont be able to screw that battery cap al the way?
  7. They have 2 of them but they quite expensive,65$ plus shipping to UK,maybe better option for me is faceplate and small enclosure from ebay for single 18650,I don't like big mods
  8. I agree with you,so unprofessional...
  9. I'm thinking of transfering my chip too,still looking for decent looking box. Can you share your progress if you choose to transfer chip?
  10. beautiful little mod,I wish I have 3d printer...
  11. I agree,it's nice looking mod(ultem one),altough I would never ever spend that amount money on any mod.I just want to say that if someone put his effort and create something(the theme) then he can do with it whatever he want to do.
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