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  1. Loaded the file. It didn't help with the lower ohm read. Wonder what could be the problem. Anyone can help in this area?
  2. Thanks. I will try it out first and see if it helps. Read quite a few people was complaining about the device pushing higher ohms but mine is lower instead.
  3. Slightly off topic. I have a epetite dna 60 on kanthal and my device is showing a much lower resistance compared to my other dna, provari and dicodes devices. It measures somewhere 1.06 ohms on epetite but on other devices showing 1.20 - 1.24ohms. What can I do to fix this? Thanks.
  4. I am on the same boat. If you ever find anything for epetite dna 60 do share it here. Thanks!
  5. Need some help guys. I was recently given a Epetite DNA 60 mod and I've noticed the resistance is somewhat lower than the coil should be running. I've inserted a 7 wrap 2.5mm 28g kanthal coil on my kayfun 3 mini and have only gotten 1.07 ohms. On my DNA200 it is reading 1.31 ohms. Provari showing 1.2ohms. Can anyone here be kind enough to share the factory firmware so I am able to get it to work properly? I don't have a copper/ brass 510 pin to calibrate the device. Let me know if I'm missing something. Thanks.
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