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  1. It would seem that, according to DJLsb he measured the IR as 0.011 on the epetite and 0.009 on esquare. He shows it as coming set to 0.003 from the factory. Mine came set to 0. At 0.0011 i noticed things were better. Just changed it to 0.009 since i have an esquare. Will report back with an update. But, i went to sleep last night with my goon on my esquare. When i woke up this morning it seemed to be functioning in watts mode. Temp cutoff was appearing as off on the screen and it started showing amps and volts instead of watts and board temp like i have it set to. Changed attys and it went
  2. It seems i don't have Case Analyzer as an option on the mod tab. I have it on Manufacturer and it looks the same as a screenshot i saw, but the button is missing. using escribe 1.2 SP5 Should i just set the mod res to .003? Edit: set it to .0011 and it actually works noticeably better. Will update tomorrow once ive used it more. goonV3.25MR0011.csv
  3. I just did these and i got a dry hit off my Merlin. The V4 csv's were on my goon. I'm gonna rewick it and see if that changes anything. I'm gonna pop it on my alien and try it out too to make sure it isnt the atty. But as i look back, it wasnt throttling the watts on my goon at all. merlinV3.25DJ.csv merlinV4DJ.csv V4DJaq316L(uppwatt).csv
  4. So, I was asking around on reddit and someone suggested i try the DJaq 316L profiles (V4 V7 and V3.25). Updated my escribe to the 1.2 SP5 version, somehow i was using the 1.2.0 version. It still had the same Dec 22, 2016 SP3 for the DNA60, but i reapplied the service pack from the updated escribe anyways. It seems like everything has gotten better since i switched the preheat power and the power and started using the DJaq profiles. For some reason i was thinking the higher value went in the power and lower in the preheat. doesn't make much sense now that i think about it though. It SEEMS th
  5. I got my esquare yesterday and I've been messing with it pretty much ever since. Background: I have an Alien 220 and a goon 24mm i run as my normal set up. Got a merlin mini RTA with the esquare and have been playing with them both. The alien can be finnicky with the TC, but it is pretty good about not giving me a dry hit. Materials: I'm using 24x36 single core clapton SS 316L with single coils in both my Goon and Merlin. In the Goon i tried first it with 5 wrap spaced 3.5mm twisted coil. Now i am running a single coil 6 wrap, 3.5mm spaced coil, ohming around .33-.36. On the Merlin i sta
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